Press Release 4

Quito, January 18th, 2020

On behalf of Ecuatoriana Airlines we would like to wish everyone an incredible, safe, and healthy 2021. We continue with our process towards our AOC certificate, which we should have in June 2021. Our certification team has been working nonstop on our manuals, policies, and procedures. We are creating a genuinely great airline for Ecuador.

Here are some advancements,

  1. We will begin our hiring process in late Abril, with our initial flight crews starting training in May and ready to start flying in July.
  2. Our corporate identity, logo, and branding is also very close to completion, and soon it will be revealed to show the world the Ecuatoriana Airlines brand.
  3. Our sales and marketing team, along with our CEO, have begun visiting local municipalities, governmental authorities, and chambers to give updates on the progress of Ecuatoriana and the destinations we plan to operate. The first city and province we visited were Esmeraldas. We will be in Cuenca this coming week and hope to visit many more cities soon.
  4. We are planning our first investor roadshow in Quito in late January (date, time, and location to be determined). Interested parties should email us at
  5. We will be introducing Ecuatoriana Airline’s Foundation Club Membership Program in late January. This exclusive club of 10,000 members will be considered as the founding members of Ecuatoriana Airlines. We will have three levels of participation, $1000.00, $2500.00 and $5000.00. All three levels will have extraordinary benefits not offered by any other airline and not available to the public. More information to follow in the coming weeks.
  6. We would also like to remind everyone to be cautious of fraudulent claims of free airline tickets or offers of employment for a fee. Regrettably, these phone calls and attempts to commit fraud continue.

We want to congratulate all participants on the upcoming presidential elections in Ecuador and wish them the best of luck. Ecuatoriana is “A” political; however, we want to remind the candidates to focus on tourism and support all airlines, hotels, restaurants, and tour operators in Ecuador. We are investing in Ecuador and believe in Ecuador, and therefore we ask for unconditional support in our objective of brining and world class airline to Ecuador and its Citizens.

Michael Davidson
Public Relations Manager, Ecuatoriana Airlines