Press Release

Quito, September 13th, 2020

The Ecuatoriana Airlines project was born in July 2013 as an idea of its founders, which materialized in November 2019 when the airline was established as a Sociedad Anónima (S.A.) in Ecuador; the final corporate documents, including the RUC, were received in March 2020.  

Despite the crisis over the Covid-19 pandemic and the progressive deterioration of the economy, the mentors of this project continued with their ideals and despite the critical global situation maintained our goal of launching a worldclass airline in Ecuador, so on August 31, 2020, Ecuatoriana Airlines began its process of obtaining the corresponding operating permit before the National Civil Aviation Council of Ecuador – CNAC.  

Ecuatoriana Airlines plans to connect Ecuador’s domestic market, reopening destinations and other unattended routes, adding frequencies to existing destinations and operating new routes never previously served, which will stimulate the economy with trade and tourism, as well as generate job opportunities directly and indirectly.

Finally, in view of the press publications and misinformation that has been published on social networks we want to clarify the following:  

  1. Ecuatoriana Airlines is a company legally incorporated in Ecuador and is in the process of incorporating in the United States as a C Corporation.   
  2. Ecuatoriana Airlines is not involved with the Ecuadorian government, nor Tame EP, nor does it have ties to any political party.  
  3. The routes Ecuatoriana Airlines has requested from the CNAC are routes over which Ecuador has the authority and which are not owned by any other airline.  
  4. The purely private investment will come directly from major investors in the United States and Ecuador.  
  5. Ecuatoriana Airlines has no relationship with any ex-members of previous administrators of the Direccion General de la Aviacion Civil Del Ecuador, DGAC.  
  6. The management team has a long history in the airline industry and our advisors in the United States have extensive proven aviation experience leading major airlines worldwide.  

Michael Davidson 
Public Relations Manager, Ecuatoriana Airlines